Anthony Lewis

Anthony a talented Painter and Photographer lives near the Gower peninsula in Swansea-South Wales and likes having Gower on his doorstep so to speak.   His work is coloured through with the sights and images of his immediate environs, but like us all, he is also moved by the poetry of John Clare.  Below are two related images, the first of poppies with an evening sky, and the second a photograph that was the inspiration for the painting.  These wonderful images are further brought firmly into focus by his description of just how they came about.

The story behind this Painting is...It was Saturday evening 3rd August 2013...The `John Clare` FB Group weekend... Roger Rowe was driving... Anne Lee, Charles James Jaggers and me to the "Golden Pheasant " at Etton for dinner... it was the first time I had been in Helpston.  I asked Roger to stop while I make a few photos... he pulled over and they all patiently waited while I made a few memorable photos to return home to Wales with: (Ideally I would have preferred to set up my easel and start painting on location) but time did not allow for this -- on this occasion. During dinner at the "Golden Pheasant", which I enjoyed very much,  my mind did wander to the `Fields and Sky` outside.  Once again thanks Roger for your input... and thank you John Clare for all those wonderful words and images that you left us all with...forever and ever and ever and ever......................

My original photo "Scarlet Poppies Beneath An Evening Sky" 

"I crossed my native field; where the scarlet poppies grew. And the groundlark left his nest like a neighbor which I knew..."
From "The Sailor-Boy" ~ John Clare ~

This image has now received almost iconic status having been used again, but this time in a composition by Anne Lee for the book "In the Shadows" the story of Clare's relationship with Mary Joyce.